How To: Make a Brake Bleeder Tool

Here’s a useful tool I use when I’m bleeding the brakes by myself. It’s amazing at preventing introduction of air into the brake lines. Best of all, it’ll only cost a few dollars to make considering you own a drill.

This will be my second time making this tool. The first one was made with a thinned wall plastic drinking water bottle. Eventually through time the bottle crinkled and was destroyed.  For my second bottle, I wanted something that is a little more durable. Off I went to the grocery store looking for a small enough bottle that can fit on top of control arms but also constructed with a glass body and a metal cap. I then spotted the perfect bottle made by Pure Leaf.

What I used:

How to make:

Step 1: Drill a 3/8″ hole into the cap.

Attempt your best and drill in the center of the cap.

Step 2: Drill a 5/64” breather hole

Drill a breather hole. Any small drill bit should work, I went with a 5/64” drill bit.

Step 3: Clean the bottle.

I like my things clean so I rinsed the bottle of any metal shavings.

Step 4: Insert 1/4” hose into the cap

It’s going to take some wiggling and squeezing to push in the hose.

How to use:

Step 1: Place bottle above the bleeder valve

Have the bottle placed above the brake bleeder, hose arched, and the hose inside the bottle should be at the bottom.

This is so there’s fluid trapped inside the hose and no air gets introduced back into the brake line. Above picture is an example.

Step 2: Remove rubber cap and insert 1/4″ tube. Might need a small zip tie.

The 2017 Explorer has 11mm brake bleeding valve in the rear and 10mm in the front. The 10mm is a smaller valve, it might require a zip tie to keep the hose securely on.

The 1/4” tube fits snug on a 11mm brake bleeder.

The 1/4” tube on a 10mm is a little loose so I used a small zip tie to keep it snug

Step 3: Removing hose

This should be self explanatory but I found it easier to place the bottle on the ground and then removing the hose. The fluid trapped inside the hose will flow down into the bottle.  This is the less messy route to removing the hose.

Hopefully this article was helpful! Let me know what you think.

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