Maintenance: Changing Engine Air Filter

Ford recommends that my engine air filter gets changed every 30,000 miles on my 2017 Ford Explorer Platinum. Of course you can always change it earlier if you go off-roading or drive lots of dusty trails. I decided to change mine after a cross country roadtrip.

What I used:
Step 1: Locate the engine air filter under the hood

Step 2: Remove the engine air filter cover

There’s two metal tabs that hold the cover in place, those can pushed off. Once those tabs are out of the way I used a flathead screwdriver to loosen the hose steel hose clamp and then pushed the intake hose out of the way.

Take note, on the right side of the cover, there’s three tabs that hold the cover in place. You’ll need to slide the cover to the left and then you should be able to remove it.

I didn’t see a need to remove MAF sensor, so I placed the air filter cover on the front with the MAF connected.

Step 3: Remove old air filter and install with new one.

Here’s what the old engine air filter looked like. It wasn’t that bad at all. Barely anything in-between the pleats and light came through it when held it against the sun. I guess this filter was changed after the dealership bought the car.

New air filter in place.

Step 4: Do the reverse and put everything back together.

Enjoy your new air filter! Feel free to leave any comments or questions.


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