Review: Dash Hardwire Cable kits

This will be a quick review on the dash hardwire kits I purchased. I originally purchased the Plozoe hardwire kit but ended up swapping it out for the VIOFO hardwire kit. Why did I end up with two different dash cable kits? I spontaneously bought the first wire kit that showed up on Amazon search and I didn’t realize that there was a specific wiring kit that supported parking mode. I even try to justify my purchase by telling myself I don’t need parking mode and that it’s going to drain my battery. My mind changed after watching enough Youtube videos where the dashcam capture’s the owners car being hit when park . I’ll be reviewing the following products and what is included. Hopefully others will find this useful:

VIOFO HK3 ACC Hardwire Kit

Surprisingly this kit was pretty barebones. It did not come with any extra accessories or a fuse tap.

This has three wires that will need to be connected to the car. The ground, ACC and battery wire.

Voltage control.

The VIOFO kit does come with a voltage control. The voltage was set at 11.8V by default, I changed mine to 12.2V for now.


Gebildet 4pcs 12V 24V Add-a-Circuit Micro2 Fuse Tap

Since the VIOFO kit did not come with any fuse tap I had to purchase one.

It was my first time connecting these bullet terminals but here’s how I did it:

Here’s the wire I was planning on connecting:

Step One: Add the insulator first

Step Two: Add the mail connecting tip. Once added, I took a needle nose pliers to crimp the wire in place.

Arrows show where I used my needle nose pliers to crimp

Step Three: Connect to the female tip

Step Four: Move the insulator to the middle

Plozoe Dash Cam Hardwire Kit

The Plozoe kit came with everything that was needed to setup a dashcam to the fuse. This even came with a trim removal tool. Only issue is that it had no battery wire that is needed for the parking feature of the VIOFO.

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