Review: Monroe Quick-Strut and Reflex Shock Absorber

I previously had a positive experience replacing the suspension on my Xterra with Monroe’s Quick-Strut, so I decided to use Monroe products for my 2017 Ford Explorer Platinum as well. I ordered the following:

The installation process was smooth, and all the parts fit perfectly. You can read more about my install for the front struts here and shocks here.. However, after driving 500 miles on the Monroe suspension, I decided to switch back to the stock setup.

The Monroe suspension was noticeably stiffer, which wasn’t what I was looking for in my Explorer. One of the reasons I fell in love with the 2017 Explorer Platinum was its soft suspension—it felt like I was gliding on a personal cloud. The Monroe suspension made the ride harsher and generated more cabin noise. On the upside, the steering felt more responsive, and there was less body roll. Nonetheless, the trade-off wasn’t worth it for me, so I opted to revert to the OEM stock suspension I had kept on standby.

Fortunately, Monroe offers a 100% money-back guarantee through their “Feel the Difference” program. I contacted Monroe’s customer service, and they provided the necessary form for the return and refund. The only requirement was that I had purchased a combination of 4 approved shocks/struts.

In conclusion, while Monroe suspension products were easy to install and worked well on my Xterra, they weren’t the right fit for my Ford Explorer. If you prefer a stiffer suspension, Monroe might be a good option for you. As for me, I’ll be using Ford’s Motorcraft products for any future suspension replacements on my Explorer to maintain the soft, cloud-like ride of the stock setup.

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