Review: Monroe Shocks and Struts

I remember when my it came time to replace my suspensions on my Xterra I decided to go with Monroe’s Quick-Strut . I was happy with the results and it started to feel like a new car. I decided to do the same with my 2017 Ford Explorer Platinum. For my car I ordered:

Installation went smooth and all the parts fit without any issue. You can read more about my install for the front struts here and shocks here. Unfortunately, after driving the Monroe for 500 miles, I decided to go back to stock.

The Monroe were stiffer. I remember when I first drove the 2017 Explorer Platinum I loved how soft the suspension were. It felt like I was driving on my own personal nimbus. With the Monroe, I felt more of the road and it generated more cabin noise. However, I did notice the steering was a bit more responsive and there was less body roll. The trade off was not worth it so I decided to switch back to my OEM stock suspension that I saved on the side.

Now comes to returning the suspension after having them installed and driven on for 500 miles. I was relieved to know that Monroe offers 100% money back through their “Feel the difference” guarantee. I was able to email Monroe customer service and they provided the necessary form for the return and refund. Only requirement is that you bought a combination of 4 approved shock/strut.

Overall, it was easy to install the Monroe. I loved it on my Xterra but not on the Explorer. Some people prefer stiffer suspension so I recommend Monroe for that reason. However, I prefer the cloudy soft stock suspension so I switched back. In the future, when I do replace my suspensions, I’ll be usingĀ  Ford’s Motorcraft instead.

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