Review: YITAMOTOR Floor Mats + Maxliner for 3rd Row

When I first came across pictures of my 2017 Ford Explorer Platinum on the dealerships website, I was ecstatic when I saw Ford’s official all season floor mats in the picture. Only issue is that after 3 years they were becoming distorted on the sides. I noticed pebbles, dirt and grass that I picked up on my shoe would take advantage of these distorted gaps and settle beneath the mats.

Front driver

Front passenger

Rear passenger

After a few months of staring at the distorted floor mats, it was time to replace them. Here’s what I bought:


Front driver

Rear passenger

I could have replaced my floor mats with Ford OEM all weather floor mats but I don’t want the same issue to occur 3 years down the line. I decided to go with YITAMOTOR because of the overwhelming comments of how they fit and they are a fraction of the price compared to competitors. Another pro is that the 2nd row floor mats actually covers the middle divider compared to the OEM floor mats. When the floor mats came, installation went without any issue and they fit perfectly with no gaps to the side.

Maxliner 3rd row floor mats

YITAMOTOR does not make 3rd row floor mats for my 2017 Ford Explorer so I decided to add-on the Maxliner 3rd row floor mat. Also, the price of the YITAMOTOR + Maxliner combo came out cheaper vs other brand name sets. Like the YITAMOTOR mats, these also fit perfectly in the 3rd row.

Rear third row

I like how it partially covers the plastic piece in the middle isle.

Overall I’m happy with YITAMOTOR and Maxliner floor mats. They both fit perfectly and was an ease to install. I’m not sure if it’s common for rubber floor mats to distort over time like what happened to the original OEM floor mats. I hope it doesn’t with these new mats, but if it does I’ll be sure to give an update.

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